“Bosny is a kaleidoscope; the work he creates is everevolving, unifying colours and patterns with such constant motion that it can be hard to keep up.
While kaleidoscopic images are anything but static, they do manage to retain a certain recognisability, and the same is true of Bosny’s art.

It’s rare to discover an artist whose work spans such a vast array of styles, yet maintains a cohesive sense of identity regardless of medium; his natural propensity for variety can perhaps be attributed to a childhood surrounded by the works of Leonardo da Vinci,
Salvador Dali, and M.C. Escher.”

-Jordan Yeager for Decompoz
Bosny's work positions the viewer between what is seen and what is assumed to be, imposing cognitive dissonance. It offers no answers, no fabricated worldview, only uncertainty.

The hope is to posit doubt not as a hindrance in need of excision, but a pillar of self-discovery.
All Day Jam (August 2015)
Under Pressure Festival (August 2010, 2011, 2015)
Atelier de l’Île, 40th Anniversary, Val-David (July 2015)
Some Fucking Art Show, Solo Show - Chez Boris (June 2015)
Montreal Mission Internship (May - July 2015)
Mercury in Retrograde Print Exchange (May 2015)
Labour as Art - Vav Gallery (March 2015) (Curator)
Coffee Table Fucking (Haiku) Book, Montreal and Halifax (February 2015) 
(Co-curator) Festival Amalgam, Sherbrooke (July 2014)
Neuf Is Enough - Sino Shop (January 2014)
NSCAD Photo-Print Exchange, Halifax (December 2013)
Hopscotch Mural Festival, Dartmouth (September 2013)
Artist’s Assistant, Notes from the Desire Paths (May 2013)
XL Everything Art Show – Coatcheck Gallery (January 2012)
Art For Japan – Coatcheck Gallery (April 2011)
Solo Art Show – Sub-V (February 2011)
Dapper Dan Art Show – CTRLLAB (November 2010)
Can You Rock (September 2010)
House of Paint, Ottawa (August 2009, 2010)
Comic writer for the Plant (January-April 2009)
Underwear Cancer Fundraiser (August 2008)